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Online Course Micro Audit

Have you been wondering if your course content is good?
You are the expert in your niche but you might not be an expert at creating education that gets results for your learners. But I am!

f you are concerned that your course might not have what it takes to get results for your learner, or you feel like too many people who purchase it are not finishing it, a few simple tweaks could be all you need.

Let me tell you how you can make your course downright craveable with a simple 30 minute review where I will review for:

  • Engagement

    Does your course content keep your learner engaged and paying attention? I can give you tips on how to help them stay focused so they get results.

  • Completion

    If they aren't finishing your course, they aren't getting the result they were promised, right? Did you know that there are ways to increase the likelihood that someone will complete your program?

  • The Education Stuff

    Good curriculum development requires knowledge of adult learner psychology and educational theories. I can review your content to tell you what you are doing right, and how you can make it better.


Grab it at 30% off!

I would definitely recommend Tracey

Tracey helped me out with a special project. She was efficient, professional, and even taught me how to navigate my course when she was done. I would definitely recommend her and use her again.


Did You Know?

Only 8% of course buyers ever complete the courses they buy?



YWhat if you could learn how to give your course-takers the results you promise...

With the Craveable Courses Course, that is exactly what you get! The problem with most programs about course creation is that they are focused on the wrong thing. Marketing. Yes, marketing is important, but what is more important is making sure that the course you selling does what it promises! Marketing isn't your problem, education is! In this program you will learn how to craft a course in a way that creates engagement and delivers the transformation you promise every time!

  • Getting Crystal Clear on Your Ideal Client

    (and the problem you solve). Before you create a single PDF or video you need to know who you serve and where they are starting. How can you get them to their result if you don't?

  • What and How Much To Include

    How do you know how much is too much? When you are clear on the goals and objectives of your course, these questions answer themselves. Deliver what your learner needs with no fluff.

  • The Secret Sauce

    Knowing how adults learn is instrumental to making sure you deliver the results you promise. And in Craveable Courses we go one step further and tell you how to use education theory and psychology to keep your learner engaged all the way to the finish line.


Grab it at 30% off!

Tracey's course was perfect for me because it was no fluff, to the point, and gave me exactly the basics I needed to know. Tracey is succinct, she uses basic explanations, and a very easy outline overview to help me plan my course. All of it makes so much sense, but none of it had clicked for me until Tracey presented it in this easy to interpret way.


Did You Know?

It takes 10 repetitions of the same information for the human brain to turn that info into long term knowledge?



You have this idea for an online course and you are pretty sure it would be great, but you aren't absolutely sure, and you aren't sure how to get started and what about the platform and the tech and . . .oh never-mind, it's too overwhelming. Sound familiar? What if you had a course expert in your pocket, and you could sit down together to hash out the details, map out the success plan, chat about the pricing and leave that call with a plan for getting it DONE? You don't want to miss this.

  • 90 Minutes with an Expert

    We will spend 90 minutes strategizing your online program covering the audience, the message, the solution you provide, how you want to deliver it, and more. We can do this in one 90 minute chunk or you can choose to break it up into two calls.

  • Eliminate the Overwhelm

    There's no need to stress it when you have an expert in your pocket who can talk you through the hard parts. Which platform or mic, how many modules, what price? We can cover all this and more.

  • Leave our call with a PLAN.

    You have something you want to teach the world, and all you need is a plan and a strategy. At the end of this call you will have a road map to follow to get it $h!t done!


Grab it at 30% off!

"I Definitely Got My Money's Worth"

If you're looking to take your online courses to the next level, I highly recommend talking to Tracey. She gave me some great ideas on how to tweak my course and get students to their end goals. Her feedback was invaluable, and I'm grateful for the insight she shared! I will hire her to review my course for me when it's finished.


Did You Know?

As of the end of 2019, the global e-learning market had a market value of $187.877 billion. According to the growth of online education statistics for 2020, it has currently reached over $200 billion and could rise to $376 billion by 2026.

if you aren't creating your course in 2023, you are leaving money on the table

New around here?

Hi, My name is Tracey Lewis Stoeckel, M.Ed. I'm a curriculum Specialist and Online Course Coach

After over ten years of creating education for higher education and corporate healthcare, I decided to ditch the cubicle and help online entrepreneurs create the courses their audiences are craving. See, I have been an entrepreneur for over 30 years and I LOVE serving other high-integrity business owners.

The problem with the course industry is that everyone has forgotten the most important thing about online courses. They have to actually TEACH something. There are so many gurus out there who claim to be able to teach you to teach, but trust me, they don't know how either!

The first step is to be an expert in your thing, but you also need to know some basics of educational theory and adult learner psychology to make sure that what you are teaching actually sticks and you deliver the results you promise.

Most course gurus teach marketing, not education. That's why I am here...to change the world, one crappy course at a time.




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